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The Agora Protocol

  • Has a highly successful recovery rate
  • Is efficient and accelerated
  • Eliminates cravings
  • Offers a gentle withdrawal without negative side effects
  • Is an outpatient program
  • Is only 15 days
  • Is all natural
  • Has long term benefits
  • Improves cognitive function and memory
  • Rebalances emotions
  • Is for single and multiple addictions

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According to the 2002 Canada Community Health Survey,

a staggering 641,000 people have alcohol issues, and 194,000 people experience addiction to illicit drugs. Addiction is a biochemical process, and therefore recovery must also have a biochemical basis. Agora's NRR protocol is unique in Canada and offers an innovative treatment by addressing the biochemical aspects of chemical dependency and correcting them at the source. The treatment is effective for a single addiction or any combination of addictions including alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, uppers, downers, opiates, inhalants and prescription medications.

Withdrawal as it is traditionally known is an extremely unpleasant experience, and many individuals will continue to use because they do not want to experience that pain and discomfort. Fortunately, during the Agora Protocol, individuals find their body chemistry supported immediately, so that the lack of drug is compensated by the healing nutrients. This results in a gentle withdrawal process and a much easier transition to a clear, detoxified state.

The Agora Protocol also enables the body to flush out the stored metabolites of addictive substances. This addresses one of the biggest causes of relapse at the source, by directly eliminating those chemicals that would otherwise remain in the body of a recovering alcohol or drug user and cause recurrent cravings and difficulty in long-term recovery.

Neuroreceptor damage can continue for several years after individuals stop using, resulting in memory lapses, difficulty concentrating or mental agitation. The Agora Protocol can repair this past damage in those who have a history of drug or alcohol dependency and provide a return to optimal brain functioning.

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