If you have ever thought of launching your own business, you're in very good company. The Department of Labour predicts that the #1 employer in 2010 will be "Self" - and a recent Internet poll revealed that 90% of 25-44 year olds hope to own their own business someday.

Many professionals, investors and modern managers want more control over their time and what they do - and, even more important, they want a career that is meaningful, fulfilling, and that makes a difference.

If this sounds like you, Agora Regeneration Clinics Licensing may be the right vehicle for you.

Agora is looking for "take charge" individuals in Canada and the United Kingdom to open, own and manage a local Agora Rejuvenation Clinic in their area of influence.

Would you like a business in which you:

If your business experience includes a strong marketing and management background and any additional traits of an entrepreneur, if you have a genuine concern to improve the welfare of your clients - and, if you are now ready to take ownership of your future, Agora may be the right place for you.

In addition to being a sound business, the Agora opportunity requires effective communication skills, knowledge of your community and the ability to work independently. A significant investment is also required for local rights as well as working capital to establish the market and operate an Agora Rejuvenation Clinic.

This could be your opportunity to earn the income you desire while building your personal net worth in a vital business that you own and control. It requires time, talent and honest dedicated work. and for the right "take charge" individual, the rewards are yours to enjoy.