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It gives us great pleasure to announce the first natural treatment for those suffering with drug, alcohol, and other brain health challenges. Agora Regeneration Clinics is the first of its kind in Canada, focussing on the often-overlooked biochemical detoxification of the body and brain. Agora's proprietary formula repairs, regenerates and repatterns the neuroreceptors of the brain, integrating mental, emotional, physical, and personal components throughout the course of treatment.

AGORA REGENERATION CLINICS LTD where Biochemical regeneration and repair makes the difference. - an all natural approach!

Traditional rehab and detox clinics are based on "talk therapy" and, while this is part of our protocol as well, up to 80 percent of clients leaving those centres relapse because they have not been treated for anxiety, depression, regeneration of the neurotransmitters of the brain, insomnia and cravings, or they often leave treatment in the fog of prescription medications.

Some visuals of the brain - Dr. Daniel Amen in the US is a neuro-psychiatrist who has the following information on his website so you can see the actual damage done to the brain through drug and/or alcohol abuse.


16-year-old with 2 year history of daily abuse. Marked decreased prefrontal cortex and temporal lobe activity.


16-year-old with 2 year history of daily abuse. Marked decreased prefrontal cortex and temporal lobe activity.


52-year-old with 28 year history of frequent meth use. Multiple areas lacking blood flow on cortical surface.


38-year-old with 17 years of heavy weekend use. Multiple areas lacking blood flow on cortical surface.


48-year-old with 22 years of daily use and history of past head injury.


Here we see the effects of drug and alcohol abuse – specifically alcohol, cocaine, and meth.


48-year-old with 22 years of daily use and history of past head injury.

We do not subscribe to the exact same treatment model, but there are compatibilities and this website shows clients what has happened to the brain and how our treatment can help repair the damage through very simple IV's and synergistic therapies.

At Agora, we are able to address the issues not addressed in traditional clinics. We treat every patient naturopathically and discover the underlying causes behind using alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs. There are usually serious deficiencies and imbalances of central micronutrients affecting both brain chemistry and the physical body as a whole.

To achieve the desired results, we also include the use of infrared sauna, hyperbaric chamber, Energy Psychology therapy and Life Coaching, PEMF and Massage therapy.

We believe that biochemical restoration is the missing link in most treatment programs today, therefore we include this as an integral part of our treatment protocol, restoring the body and the brain to its natural state - repaired, rebalanced, and regenerated.

The Agora Protocol

Program Information

For all Agora program questions and fees, please call Agora (604) 688-6848.

Each program includes Agora for Life Aftercare.

Agora has wonderful finance options through Medicard

According to a Canada Community Health Survey:

A staggering 641,000 people have alcohol issues, and 194,000 people experience addiction to illicit drugs. Addiction is a biochemical process, and therefore recovery must also have a biochemical basis. Agora's NRR protocol is unique in Canada and offers an innovative treatment by addressing the biochemical aspects of chemical dependency and correcting them at the source. The treatment is effective for a single addiction or any combination of addictions including alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth, uppers, downers, opiates, inhalants and prescription medications.

Withdrawal as it is traditionally known is an extremely unpleasant experience, and many individuals will continue to use because they do not want to experience that pain and discomfort. Fortunately, during the Agora Protocol, individuals find their body chemistry supported immediately, so that the lack of drug is compensated by the healing nutrients. This results in a gentle withdrawal process and a much easier transition to a clear, detoxified state.

The Agora Protocol also enables the body to flush out the stored metabolites of addictive substances. This addresses one of the biggest causes of relapse at the source, by directly eliminating those chemicals that would otherwise remain in the body of a recovering alcohol or drug user and cause recurrent cravings and difficulty in long-term recovery.

Neuroreceptor damage can continue for several years after individuals stop using, resulting in memory lapses, difficulty concentrating or mental agitation. The Agora Protocol can repair this past damage in those who have a history of drug or alcohol dependency and provide a return to optimal brain functioning.

About Depression

Depression often accompanies most brain health issues, including dependency on drugs and/or alcohol.

According to the Depression and BiPolar Support Alliance (DBSA): Depression is a treatable illness involving an imbalance of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. It is not a character flaw or a sign of personal weakness. You can't make yourself well by trying to "snap out of it." Although it can run in families, you can't catch it from someone else. The direct causes of the illness are somewhat unclear, however it is known that body chemistry can bring on a depressive disorder, due to experiencing a traumatic event, hormonal changes, altered health habits, the presence of another illness or substance abuse.

With Agora's NRR Protocol, the neurotransmitters are repaired, replenished and rebalanced in such a way that the depression lifts due to the regeneration within the brain.

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