Testimonials for Amino Acid therapy

The Agora program has given me a new lease on life. I now find joy in every day and feel my life has no restrictions now.

The staff/team at Agora were so caring and show the love and compassion in this program. They are professional, knowledgeable, respectful, understanding and non-judgemental.

The energy psychology sessions gave me such clear ways of looking at things. I feel I can now be true to myself and am now able to live the life that I want through a second chance.

This program was way beyond my expectations and I thank you so much for giving me this experience.


I am so grateful for the Agora program - everyone involved was so supportive and caring and the overall experience was excellent. And the best is that I have no craving at all for either drugs or alcohol.


I have had profoundly positive results - greater clarity, transformation of mind and body and I feel more joy at living. Unexpectedly wonderful.


This treatment program has had a very positive effect on me. I have been given back my sense of control of my life, all the staff were great, and Dr. Kuprowsky was excellent in his overall approach and care. I am very happy with the whole program.

Hong Kong

To Whom it May Concern:

I am a 73 year old woman who has been on pain killers and sleeping pills for over forty years. I was on Valium, various anti-depressants, and morphine. I completed the Agora 15-day treatment program and have had wonderful results and am drug-free. I am pleased to recommend the Agora Treatment Protocol to anyone wishing to be free of drugs, whether they are prescription or any other kinds of drugs.


I went through the Agora Treatment in Vancouver and my life has been so different since.

I had been using drugs for nearly a decade and dealing with an eating disorder since I was 12. The two go hand-in-hand for some, and for me they were my life. I was so consumed with being skinny that I lost focus of what truly made me happy. I lost my passion and my drive to do anything else... drugs and bulimia were my life. I was miserable. I was what they called a fake happy. I was prescribed antidepressants and mood disorder pills as well since 2000 and if anything, they made me worse. I have been to two Treatment Centres - both were 12 Step Programs in the United States. I also attended an out-patient program here in Vancouver, however nothing worked.

Agora was my last hope - my last resort for me and especially for my family. The staff was, and still is, very helpful to me. Even though they treat addiction, the practitioners also educated me on my eating habits, and gave me suggestions of foods to eat and to avoid, nutritional facts etc. They went over and beyond the process to help me through my recovery. Not only did it get me off drugs but my prescription medication as well. Today, six months later, I have not had one craving for drugs. I have a positive attitude, a glow on my face, a good job, confidence, actually setting goals and sticking to them. I feel clean, energized, and ready to take on anything that comes my way.

I highly recommend this program to anyone out there. I am so excited to have a life again!

Thank you, Agora!

Tiffany W.
Vancouver, BC

Dear Mr. Good, (letter to Bill Good, CKNW radio host)

I would like to thank-you for your tireless efforts of continuing to bring the subject of addiction to the attention of your listening audience. Your work on this topic is invaluable to many parents, spouses, and loved ones from all walks of life, since as you know addiction has no boundaries, which was something I learned first hand.

Last Wednesday, I was listening to your program with your guest from the Orchard Recovery Treatment Center and felt I had to respond to her claims of success with the 12 - Step programs. I believe her comments were outrageously misleading. Although she may be accurate in saying that the 12 - Step program has helped many people in their recovery if they attend all the meetings, the hard truth is, and what she did not say, is that the majority of addicts do not continue with their meetings once out of treatment and the percentage of success, even with those who do, is extremely low, some say less than 20%. What I also found appalling was her acceptance that relapses aren’t considered a failure and that a person could simply return to treatment or go to a sober living facility if necessary. This statement in itself suggests that the treatment available does not have a high success rate.

A few years ago I e-mailed you looking for a facility to help my daughter who was using crystal meth. At the time I could not find a treatment center in British Columbia that treated Meth addiction. Since then her drug of choice changed to cocaine. In January 2007 after many failed attempts of trying to help her ourselves with doctors, and counselors here at home, my husband and I chose Sierra Tucson in Arizona since it treats eating disorders as well as addictions, as she also suffers from bulimia. Because it is one of the most reputable facilities in the US we were hopeful that she would come home healthy and free of all drugs. The program followed there is also the 12 - Step program. She was in treatment at Sierra for six weeks, and then transferred to an extended care facility for women with eating disorders in Florida for another 90 days. To our dismay however, when she came home although she was free of all street drugs, she had a list of prescription drugs they were treating her for, for mood disorders!

She returned to work shortly after coming home to Vancouver and attempted to get her life in order. Initially she went to regular NA meetings as well as meetings for her bulimia but by Christmas that year she was using again. By February ’08 she lost her job and at twenty-six years old, her life was on another devastating downward spiral. Once again I tried to pick up the pieces and find help, however this time I did not even trust the medical system since the doctors now wanted to diagnose her as bipolar! It had seemed to me that between the street drugs and the prescription drugs it was no wonder she had severe mood swings! I began to look in the direction of Naturopathic Medicine to help her and that’s when I found the Agora Regeneration Clinic here in Vancouver.

I researched the Amino Acid Therapy and convinced our daughter to meet with Maggie Gold who has been on your show. At the end of April she went through the 10 day treatment with minimum withdrawal symptoms, most of which were due to the prescription drugs she had been on. The outcome has been truly amazing. This time she is totally drug free! Although it is a bit soon to say that this is a complete recovery - this time it is very different because the cravings are gone! For reinforcement however, we found the St. Jude Thaddeus Retreat House in New York where she is currently attending their program which teaches that ‘addiction is not a disease’, but that you choose to use drugs or alcohol and then because of that choice you become addicted.

We talk daily on the phone and for the first time in the last decade she sounds truly happy. She returns home next week and says is anxious to put her new found confidence to the test. Thanks to Maggie Gold and Agora we feel confident of our daughter's success.

Leslie Wilson
Vancouver, BC

I underwent treatment through the Agora Regeneration clinic in Vancouver.

I had attended two twelve step rehabs, Narconon, and had attempted cessation of my drug habit through numerous therapists, psychiatrists, and basically any other source I could think of. I had had enough of what I was doing to myself yet after each treatment the underlying feelings of depression and a general malaise about life were not lifted.

After working with Agora and the Naturopathic doctor on Staff, I don’t feel any depression, something I haven’t been able to say since I was 13 (I’m now 22).

Today I’m happy and feel a balance in my life that grows every day. I’m eating in a healthier way, exercising, and becoming the more extroverted person that I’ve been missing, and that the drugs were hiding.

All of the drug residuals that kept my body in an addicted way have been flushed out of my stystem and the sense of cleanliness I feel is remarkable. I have not had one craving or any desire to do drugs as I feel too good without them.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this program to anyone looking to take care of the physical symptoms of drug addiction and who wants to make a change in their life today. Agora is about regeneration and has played a large part in what I am becoming today - the person I was meant to be!

Thanks so much, Agora!

Vancouver Island, BC

Eight months ago I participated in the intravenous amino acid therapy program.

I did the treatment with the hopes that it would help me overcome my severe addiction to alcohol and drugs. I am elated to report that I have been clean and sober for a little over eight months and am feeling better than I can remember feeling in my adult life.

My alcoholism had reached such a chronic state that I had begun to believe that I was beyond help and that an alcoholic death was simply my destiny. I had tried numerous treatment centers (6 in 18 months) and different programs (inpatient and out). I had gone to A.A., N.A., and C.A. twelve step meetings, but nothing seemed to work. My condition seemed hopeless.

I had over 14 emergency room visits in twelve months, I had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and my abnormal liver enzymes were off the chart. In all reality I should have died a dozen times over. More than once my parent's received a call from an emergency room doctor saying "There is no logical reason your daughter should still be breathing but..."

My life had fallen apart. I dropped out of Graduate School, lost my job, car, place to live and all self-respect in a matter of months. I was smoking crack, injecting heroin and at my worst drinking over a fifth of hard alcohol a day. I had every reason to quit (foremost being I was going to die) but could not seem to stop. Toward the end of my using, my cravings were so severe that I was drinking hairspray, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, air-freshener- anything I could find with alcohol in it.

When I started the amino-acid program it truly seemed like the only thing I hadn't tried and I was skeptical. In the first three days my cravings ceased almost entirely. I experienced absolutely no withdrawal symptoms, which is amazing because in the past I had been so shaky I couldn't hold a glass of water and experienced Delirium Tremors so severe I was almost placed in the psychiatric ward of a hospital. I felt none of the anxiety or consuming cravings to use that I ALWAYS had when I detoxed previously.

Today my life is wonderful. I have a job I like and a serious relationship with another person that I love. I am moving into my own apartment this week and am supporting myself. I have more energy and am sleeping better than I can ever remember. Most importantly I am no longer killing myself with drugs and alcohol.

The treatment is no "Magic Bullet"- working a program of recovery is still an essential part to maintaining sobriety. I go to A.A. regularly (at least 4 times a week). I am counting to take the amino-acid supplements orally. With this said I do honestly believe that I would have had no chance at life whatsoever with out the "jump-start" of this treatment. I am immensely grateful to the program and the wonderful staff for helping me achieve a new lease on life. I highly recommend the amino-acid therapy to anyone looking for a way out of the hell of addiction.

Emelia A., Utah

This seems too good to be true, but it isn't.

I forever expected to be an amphetamine addict - I am not anymore!

My life before receiving amino acid intravenous therapy treatment was a desolate nightmare. I literally gauged my life and activities by how many Adderall pills I had left in my prescription.

I was doctor shopping, spending everything I earned on prescription amphetamines. I literally had been on some type of amphetamine everyday of my life since the age of 12 - I am now 36.

This amino acid treatment has 100% made amphetamines a thing of the past. Believe me, I had tried to quit but the lethargy and depression was too incredible to overcome. This treatment was only 10 days but I feel better than I ever have in my life!

This treatment is a purely physiological, scientific approach. I researched this for an entire year before coming. Our bodies need amino acids, they are what is basically the building blocks of the human brain!

I promise whatever your addiction may be, this treatment is the #1 most important step in recovery. I needed to replenish my body from what years of stimulant abuse depleted me of. The therapy, the IV drip, the support, is all inclusive.

I had emotional baggage literally fade away with the guided imagery and intensive therapy sessions.

This seems too good to be true, but it isn't. I FOREVER EXPECTED TO BE AN AMPHETAMINE ADDICT - I AM NOT ANYMORE!

I am free of addictions, free of toxic emotional baggage. I am now free to be the person I was meant to be!

I will happily talk with anyone about the treatment, it will change your life!

Heather W., Sandy, Utah

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