About Agora

Developed by Vancouver based social entrepreneur and visionary, Maggie Gold, Agora Regeneration Clinics is a new and innovative source of drug and alcohol detoxification and other programs for brain health issues.

Agora is truly a professional, world-class, integrated health resource designed to address the growing demand for informed, comprehensive and customized health care.

The clinics' signature approach combines natural medicine, healing, personal and spiritual development and educational programming to conquer alcohol and drug dependency.

The word Agora comes from Ancient Greece and is the open city square where many great philosophers held forth, contiguous to all the buildings necessary for civilisation - the Hall of Justice, the Hall of Medicine, Congress, the Library, etc. and at one end was the open marketplace. Therefore, the Agora has all things together in one place, and in the Portuguese language, agora means now, so we are bringing all the components for wellness together in one company, NOW.

Maggie Gold

Founder's Message

Agora Regeneration Clinics Ltd., is the first of its kind to address the physical detoxification process from a Naturopathic perspective, and to offer the regeneration and restoration of parts of the brain damaged by the use of drugs and/or alcohol and to help with other brain health issues.

For several years I have been searching for the best methods to successfully help people with drug and alcohol issues. I lost my beloved only son in a drug-related death a few years ago, and that strengthened my determination to develop the optimal protocol to offer to the community of Vancouver and beyond.

One of the most remarkable things about the Agora Protocol is the gentleness of the withdrawal process, without the usual adverse side effects.

Within a few days, everyone in the program begins to feel a calmness and a sense of well-being unlike anything they have experienced in recent years, if ever. There is a feeling of transformation on a very deep level, and the cravings begin to disappear. By the end of the ten-day protocol, clients feel almost reborn - clear-headed, with memory loss restored and cognitive processes improved, confident that they now have the ability to face the world in a new way, and make healthier lifestyle choices.

In the years since my son's death, and with the help of others, I have been able to expand Agora's services to include other brain health issues such at PTSD, ADD, FIBROMYALGIA, CONCUSSION, and other cognitive impairment challenges.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to bring Agora Regeneration Clinics to our community with a wonderful team of dedicated people to assist in making the Agora experience a unique and fulfilling one, and giving our clients the freedom to be.

Maggie Gold,
Agora Regeneration Clinics Ltd.

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