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Agora Regeneration Clinics offers two effective drug and alcohol treatment programs. The Agora program lasts for 15 days and includes a Naturopathic Physical Work-up, Infrared Sauna detoxification, Neuroreceptor Repair and Regeneration, The Agora For Life Program, and Massage Therapy. Our 15 day program will counteract the effects of Rx drugs on the brain.

Program Overview

The program begins at the corporate office of Agora where the client will complete the financial transaction, and then spend approximately two hours with Agora's intake session. The client will give a complete history of his or her life to date, and provide the personal history form which will have benn emailed in advance for the client to print and fill out.

Naturopathic Physical Work-upThe client will then go to the clinic and meet the naturopathic physician in charge of their program. The client will be given an orientation and lab tests will then be performed.

The client will return the following morning to start the 15 day program.

The client will experience:

Infrared Sauna 30 - 45 minute Infrared Sauna which starts the detoxification process. (The day will begin with this throughout the length of the program.)

Neuroreceptor Repair and RegenerationWe then start the NRR intravenous drip - a unique formula constisting of all natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals. (The client will have that for three hours during the first three days, and two hours per day thereafter.)

Transformation Release ProgramThe client receives The Agora For Life Program sessions every second day, while the he/she is having the NRR intravenous drip, followed by six weeks of post program aftercare for one hour twice a week.

Massage TherapyDuring the 15 day program, three massages will be given, tailored on his or her individual needs.

Program Costs

   15 day intensive: $13,800 (no GST)

Fees include the Agora for Life Aftercare program

Agora has wonderful finance options through Crelogix and Medicard

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